AutoPilot is the project management software of choice within the Danish AEC industry.

  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Business analysis


Project Administration


  • Tools for project administration
  • Up-to-date and current status on any project
  • Sub-consultant administration
  • Industry-specific invoicing
  • Link to your accounting system


Project Management


  • Tools for project management
  • Allocate fees to RIBA stages and plan employee resources
  • Overview of future spare capacity of any employee
  • Prognosis of final project economy on any project and any stage


Strategic Business Overview


  • Graphically presented business performance
  • Development of value produced over time
  • Analysis of key aspects of your business on multiple parameters
  • Statistical mark-up of clients, projects, and employees

Manage your projects

AutoPilot is project management software for the industry of the architects and the engineers – and it’s the Danish industry’s primary provider. The project management system incorporates all fundamental aspects to manage your practice and your projects: hour registrations, resource and project planning, invoicing, analysis and business intelligence. This essentially boils down to three primary cornerstones

Timesheet submissions make base for all work in AutoPilot. Employees must submit their timesheet on a regular basis, to have the best foundation for planning and invoicing.

Accurate and daily hour submissions are of great help to project leaders and the administration for them to carry out their work efficiently.

  • The status of all projects are always current and up-to-date
  • ETCs can be created and revised with current information
  • Up-to-date employee capacity is identified for planning
  • Estimated final economy of projects are always updated - from project start to project end
  • Invoices can be raised without unnecessary delay

Planning your projects on a continuous basis will give you an updated prognosis of the final project economy, from the start of any project, till the end. Planning is the key to manage your projects.

There are two primary advantages of planning your projects:

  • You get early warnings regarding challenges of the project economy
  • You get early warnings regarding capacity issues

Dividing the project into RIBA stages enables you to manage the project economy stagewise. This produces early warnings, which enables you to react as early as possible and make the necessary adjustments. Early warnings lets you interfere before the stage runs off the tracks. And the actions that you take will improve the project economy.

The planning interface in AutoPilot is completely integrated with all other aspects. For example, once an employee hands in their timesheet on a given project, the hours will be instantly deducted from the planning of that particular project.

AutoPilot offers industry specific invoicing methods. Whether you work with fixed fee (fee schedule or percentage completed) or time charge projects (with or without cap), AutoPilot will meet your needs.

Sending invoices as soon as the right to invoice occurs will improve your liquidity and it will also minimize miscommunication. That is excellent service towards your clients.

AutoPilot recommeneds that project leaders assist the invoicing process by creating invoice proposals. This is because project leaders know each project the best. No proposals are raised or sent, before being approved by management or administration. The extent to which the project leaders takes part in the process is completely up to you.


AutoPilot deals with the economic and capacity resources of your business, so that you are always on top of your projects, the project economy and capacity challenges.

This gives you the optimal foundation to make informed and timely decisions. In the end, this is what gives you the freedom to carry out your work to the highest quality and professionalism.

AutoPilot is a fully integrated project management system, which eliminates all disconnected systems and unnecessary spreadsheets.

AutoPilot combines timesheets, project planning and invoicing. This decreases administrative tasks and improves project management capabilities. A practice should focus on their core competences, while getting their justified payment.

That is what we consider a healthy business.



Personal, project and business dashboards


Send invoices by mail, email or EAN, with notes and stats

Analytical tools

Analyze economical performance of your employees, projects and business

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