AutoPilot is the project management software of choice within the Danish AEC industry. We incorporate the project leaders’ tasks of managing the projects, with the administrative tasks of invoicing and the practical tasks of submitting hours – all in one informative and easy-to-use system: AutoPilot.

AutoPilot is healthy business

AutoPilot gives an overview of the practical aspect of your business, so that you are always on top of your projects and the project economy. This gives you the best foundation to make informed decisions, which gives you the freedom to do what you really love – your work. 

AutoPilot is a fully integrated project management system, which eliminates all disconnected systems and unnecessary spreadsheets. AutoPilot combines timesheets, project planning and invoicing; and this combination decreases administrative tasks and the general workload.

A practice should focus on their core competences, while getting their justified payment.

That is what we consider a healthy business.

Let AutoPilot help your practice!

Get a better project overview

We, at AutoPilot, seek to meet of our clients’ needs. The project management system operates with hour registrations, resource and project planning, invoicing, analysis and business intelligence. We work in the industry of the architects and the engineers – and everyone else who wants to be world champions in having complete resource overview, being on top of projects, and earning money. 

AutoPilot consists of three primary cornerstones:

Get a better business overview

With AutoPilot by your side, you will get a complete business overview of your practice. The many features will give you detailed and up-to-date knowledge of different parameters. As the system is completely integrated, everything is based on the data that you input.  The features will give you updated and accurate information, so you can make informed decisions for your business.

AutoPilot will provide you with:

Analytical tools

Analytical tools through business intelligence gives you up-to-date knowledge


Create statistics on the precise paramters that you want to

Expenses and notes

Employees can attach notes and expenses directly to timesheet submissions

Capacity overview

Constantly updated information lets you be on top of your current and future capacity


Reports can be studied directly in AutoPilot, exported to your local drive or printed

Completely cloud based

Cloud technology means that you no longer have to worry about software updates, local backups and hardware – with a cloud based AutoPilot, we do it all for you.

Available on all devices

You can access your web-based AutoPilot on all electronic deviceslaptop at home, your smartphone or even your tablet!

Timesheet app

With the timesheet app, you can submit your hours, register expenses or attach notes directly to hour registrations- whenever, wherever!

Robot technology

Employees receieve automated reminders to submit hours, register holiday, and even their ‘to do’ lists.

Always online

AutoPilot is always online, so it’s ready to work, whenever you are.

Send invoices via e-mail

Invoices are sent directly via e-mail. You create the invoice, personlize the e-mail and click send.

Employees get full overview

Employees get full overview of their projects, timesheet submission status and much more.

AutoPilot is ideal for practices of all sizes

AutoPilot can assist you, no matter the size of your practice. We acknowledge that challenges typically vary, depending on the number of employees in the practice. But with our many years of experience, we’ve tried it all. Our clients range from 1 person practices, up to 500+ people practices. So it is safe to say, that we can help, no matter the amount of people in your practice.

The newly started practice

Smaller practice with 1-8 employees

Typical pains include

  • Lack project overview
  • Difficulty submitting hours on correct projects
  • Problems with invoicing their hours

The growing practice

The thriving practice with 8-20 employees

Typical pains include

  • Invoicing additional work
  • Forgetting to create new projects
  • Forgetting to register hours on right projects

The larger complex practice

Larger, established practice with 20+ employees

Typical pains include

  • Differentiating work by department
  • Differentating work by educational group
  • Drawing statistics and analysis on employees and workload

We have experience within all the above problem areas, and we are here to help you. No matter the size of practice and the type of challenges you face, AutoPilot can help you create your healthy business.

Why choose AutoPilot?

Because we know that being up-to-date on your project economy is difficult and time consuming. But with AutoPilot, it becomes easy.

We connect all the parts of your practice that are typically disintegrated. This integration gives you a complete project and practice overview, which lets you be on top of your project economy. And this is the key to running a profitable and healthy practice.

  • Timely and informed decisions based on data
  • Informed planning
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Happy and comfortable employees
  • Accurate estimations
  • Without AutoPilot
  • Gut-based decision-making
  • Planning in blind
  • Disintegrated spreadsheets
  • Overworked employees
  • Guestimations

We thrive on happy clients

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