AutoPilot is the project management software of choice within the Danish AEC industry.

  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Business analysis


Project Administration


  • Tools to administer your projects
  • Up-to-date and current status on any project
  • Administer sub-consultants
  • Industry specific invoicing
  • Link to your accounting system


Project Management


  • Tools to manage your projects
  • Allocate fees to RIBA stages and plan employee resources
  • Overview of future spare capacity of any employee
  • Prognosis of final project economy on any project and any stage


Strategic Business Overview


  • Statistical mark-up of clients, projects, and employees
  • Time-related development of value produced
  • Business performance graphically illustrated
  • Analysis of key aspects of your business on multiple parameters


Analytical tools

Analytical tools through business intelligence gives you up-to-date knowledge


Customizable, all diamond personal dashboards


Send invoices, by mail, email or ELN, with notes and stats

What is a healthy business?

AutoPilot provides an overview of the practical aspects of your business, so that you are always on top of your projects and the project economy. This gives you the best foundation to make informed decisions, which gives you the freedom to do what you really love – your work.

AutoPilot is a fully integrated project management system, which eliminates all disconnected systems and unnecessary spreadsheets.

AutoPilot combines timesheets, project planning and invoicing; decreasing administrative tasks and the general workload.

A practice should focus on their core competences, while getting their justified payment.

That is what we consider a healthy business.


The project management system contains hour registrations, resource and project planning, invoicing, analysis and business intelligence. We work in the industry of the architects and the engineers – and everyone else who wants to be world champions in having complete resource overview, being on top of projects, and earning money.

AutoPilot consists of three primary cornerstones:

Timesheet submissions make base for all work in AutoPilot. Employees must submit their timesheet on a regular basis, to have the best foundation for planning and invoicing.

The more accurate the hour registrations, the more up-to-date the data. Not only does accurate hour logging let you know the precise amount of hours spent on a project, but the data that the employees submit, make up the basis for all other aspects of AutoPilot:

  • Up-to-date employee capacity is identified for planning
  • Invoices are raised based on submitted hours
  • The status of the projects are always current and up-to-date
  • ETCs are created and recreated with current information
  • Project CRR are created regularly - not only upon project completion

Planning your projects gives you an exact prognosis for your final project economy. Doing this on a continuous basis, will give you an updated prognosis and status, from the start of any project, till the end. This helps you throughout the project process to, for instance, identify what capacity you have available for future projects.

You can plan the project through hour planning or fee distribution. Hours can be planned on RIBA stages, directly on employees or on budget employees, if you are unsure of the specific employee who will carry out the work. Fee can be distributed upon the different work packages to gain an overview of the final project economy.

The planning interface in AutoPilot is completely integrated with all other aspects. This means that once an employee hands in their timesheet on a given project, the hours will be instantly deducted from the planning of that particular project.

When hours have been submitted, and you have done your project planning, you will have the best basis for invoicing. Sending invoices as soon as the right to invoice occurs, allows you to claim the exact fee that your work merits. That is what increases your economy and establishes the financial aspect of a healthy business.

AutoPilot offers different methods of invoicing, depending on the fee agreement. And different ways of sending the invoice, depending on the client.

AutoPilot also eases invoicing by encouraging the project leaders to assist the process. Invoice proposals are created by the project leaders, as they often know the projects best. No proposals are raised or sent, before being approved by management or administration. You decide the extent of access each project leader is allocated.

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