About the company

It all started in 1998 when founder and CEO Jørgen Korsgaard saw a problem in the industry.

Market leaders

With 55% of all Danish architects using AutoPilot, we are proud market leaders.

20+ years of experience

AutoPilot was established in 1998, and has, since then, been operated by founder and CEO Jørgen Korsgaard

Danish dynamite

We take pride in our Danish culture. This has helped AutoPilot grow to become the thriving business it is today. 25 employees, across 3 offices, in 2 countries.

Wise words from our CEO and founder

Running a profitable practice means being absolutely on top of both project finances and resource allocation. Project finance requires looking back at the past while anticipating the future. Resource allocation refers to planning the future work of all staff.

If you train yourself to be business-minded, you get the freedom to make great design.

Some will say that this will diminish creativity, but in the end, this is what enables you to make great architecture.

Jørgen Korsgaard

Pronounced “johr-gehn khorrs-goard”