The three cornerstones

AutoPilot is made up of 3 fundamental cornerstones. These are the essential aspects that give you a complete project overview. Understanding and being aware of with these cornerstones will give you the knowledge to be on top of your practice economy.

Hour Submissions

Timesheet submissions make base for everything in AutoPilot. Employees must submit their timesheet on a regular basis, to form the best foundation for planning and invoicing.

Accurate and daily hour submissions are of great help to project leaders and the administration for them to carry out their work efficiently.

  • The status of all projects are always current and up-to-date
  • ETCs can be created and revised with current information
  • Up-to-date employee capacity is identified for planning
  • Invoices can be raised without unnecessary delay
  • Project CRR are always updated - not only upon project completion

Project Planning

Planning your projects on a continuous basis will give you an updated prognosis of the project economy, from the start of any project, till the end. Planning is the key to manage your projects. 

There are two primary advantages of planning your projects:

  • You get early warnings regarding challenges of the project economy
  • You get early warnings regarding capacity issues

Early warnings will enable you to react as early as possible and make the necessary adjustments. Early warnings lets you interfere before the project runs off the tracks. And these warnings and the actions that you take will improve the project economy. 


AutoPilot offers industry specific invoicing methods. Whether you work with fixed fee (fee schedule or percentage completed) or time charge projects (with or without cap), AutoPilot will meet your needs.  

Sending invoices as soon as the right to invoice occurs will improve your liquidity and it will also minimize miscommunication. That is excellent service towards your clients. 

AutoPilot recommeneds that project leaders assist the invoicing process by creating invoice proposals. This is because project leaders know each project the best. No proposals are raised or sent, before being approved by management or administration. The extent to which the project leaders takes part in the process is completely up to you.