Countless features

AutoPilot is the product of 20+ years of experience and close communication with the clients. The system is therefore made of the most updated and necessary features required by the industry. Naming the countless features that AutoPilot has would take days. It is therefore easier to discuss your practices’ needs and questions, and we can explain how AutoPilot can assist.

Fully integrated

AutoPilot is fully integrated. All aspects of the system speaks together and is updated in real time.


Our timesheet is available anywhere, anytime, on all devices. Attach notes and expenses to hours.


Plan your project and allocate ressources to employees on specific stages, to know the exact amount of hours and fee needed per project.


Invoice through different invoicing methods depending on the fee agreement. Send invoices as PDF or e-mail, and link to your accounting system.


Our analytics allows you to draw statistics on the precise parameters that you want to.

Business performance

Business performance through analytical tools give you graphical up-to-date knowledge of your practice.

Project dashboard

Controllers and project leaders have individual dashboards with information about the projects that they are in charge of.

Employee dashboard

All employees have a dashboard with informative instruments about their workload and work activity.

Division of employees

You can divide employees into departments, teams or locations to analyze on multiple dimensions.

Capacity overview

Constantly updated information lets you be on top of your current and future capacity in comparison to planned budget.

Capacity assistant

The capacity assistant will ease the process of planning, by illustrating the current capacity and resources in real-time.

To do lists

Robotic technology accumulates To Do lists for your project leaders, which can be found on demand or be sent by email as often as you’d like.

Fee overview

Easily view, alter, or allocate more fee on your fee dashboard. AutoPilot will alert you if there are any drawbacks.

Foreign currency

Contracts and fee can be written in foreign currency to accommodate international clients.

Timesheet submission status

Be on top of your employees timesheet submission status with a visual graph. Use it as a motivational tool for the team.

Planned holiday

Plan your holiday in your timesheet, and if your holiday has been approved by the Administration, AutoPilot will submit it when you’re away.

Timesheet reminders

Automatic e-mail reminders will be sent out after x amount of days, so employees remember to submit their timesheets.


AutoPilot creates various reports on all aspects of your business. Reports can be studied directly in AutoPilot, exported to your local drive or printed.

Expenses and notes

Attached notes or expenses directly to timesheet submission. Notes can be mandatory for certain projects, and expenses are predefined by the Administration.

Holiday pool and TOIL

Employees can be up-to-date on their individual TOIL and holiday, with their individual holiday pool on their timesheet.

And many, many more

AutoPilot has countless more features. Book a presentation, and see how our features can assist your needs.

Want to hear more about how AutoPilot can assist your practice?