Knowing the exact status of your finances throughout the project, will assist in sending the invoices as soon as the right to invoice occurs. Claiming the meritted fee when you have the right to, lets you be on top of your project economy.

AutoPilot specializes in industry-specific invoicing. We acknowledge the different methods of invoicing depending on the contract with the client. AutoPilot can therefore invoice according to fixed fee contracts with a fee schedule or percentage completed, and projects according to time charge (with or without a cap), including any documentation that clients demand.

With more than 20 years of industry-specific experience, we have met all common challenges and relieved most pains. The biggest pains we typically meet include

  • Additional work not being registered on a seperate work package or registered at all. This results in you not obtaining the merited fee for your work.
  • The administrative process being slowed down, as timesheets have not been submitted. Ultimately resulting in forfeiting the right to invoice.

AutoPilot is designed to avoid these pains. Practices using AutoPilot typically experience an increase in the amount invoiced and experience a better liquidity.

Methods of invoicing

The different methods of invoicing can vary depending on your client, project and even fee agreement. For instance, if the agreed method of invoicing for a fixed fee project is fee schedule, but the client requires additional work at an hourly rate, you simply create a new work package, with a new fee agreement and a new method of invoicing.

Fee Schedule

You invoice the client, on the basis of the agreed upon fee schedule.

Time Charge

You invoice the client based on the hours you have spent. This can be with or without a cap. The invoice includes in-depth statements to meet any needs for documentation that clients may demand.

% Completed

You specify the contractual distribution of fee to the stages. Throughout the project progress, you invoice the client based on the percentage of completion of each stage. The system is flexible to adapt to any contractual changes that may occur.

No matter the method of invoicing, AutoPilot will follow each individual invoice throughout the entire process; from proposal, to being raised and paid by the client.

Any invoices that have not been paid in due time, will automatically be transfered to the dunning system, which will send a reminder to the client. The amount of times the client recieves a reminder is completely up to you; whether it be 1, 2 or 3 times.

Sending the invoice to the client

Method of sending the invoice can vary depending on the client. This is set up individually for each client and each invoice. By default, the client is set up to recieve the invoice via e-mail. However, manual print-outs, physical post and manual e-mails with attachments can also be set up.

Should you choose to send the invoice in an e-mail, you can choose the sender e-mail adrdress, and the text on each e-mail.


Send the invoice directly to the client’s e-mail address.


Send invoices electronically to companies with EAN numbers.


Print the invoice and send to clients via standard post.

Let the project leaders assist

To ease the workload of the adminstration, project leaders may be given the responsbility of creating invoice proposals, which is the first step of invoicing. Project leaders are often more familiar with the project, and may therefore be the ideal person to assist the process. When an invoice proposal has been created by the project leader, it is forwarded to the administration for approval. This way, the invoice will be checked by at least two people, to clarify that everything is as it should be. When approved, it is the adminstrations task to raise and send the invoice.

  • Create invoice proposals

    Create and set up the invoice proposal, based on the method of invoicing. Include any specifications requested by the client.

  • Attach hour and expense reports

    You can attach a report showing details of hours and/or expenses to any invoice, if desired or required.

  • Send onwards for approval

    Send the invoice proposal to the administration for approval. They will raise the invoice and send it to the client, or return for further alterations.

Accounting systems

AutoPilot is not an accounting system, but it does link directly to them. AutoPilot is fully integrated to the financial systems XERO and Sage through APIs. This integration lets you carry out the entire invoicing process in AutoPilot, while your preferred financial system keeps track of the finances. All you have to do is permit the connection, and AutoPilot does the rest.

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