Fully integrated

AutoPilot is a fully integrated software solution. This means that all aspects of the system are intertwined and is updated in real-time. As soon as an employee submits their timesheet, the hours will automatically be deducted from the project plan that the project leader has created. Likewise, the hours spent will be deducted from the fee that has been allocated that particular project.

The system automatically updates all data and information, which minimizes the work that the project leaders and administration has to do. This also makes the data more accurate and reliable.

Everyone can work at the same time

Since AutoPilot is completely integrated, the entire practice can work in the system at the same time. Employees can submit hours, while project leaders are planning the projects, and the administration is raising invoices. The system is a multi-user software where the capacity is shared. In comparison to spreadsheets, where only one person can work at a time.

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