Invoice through different invoicing methods depending on the fee agreement. Send invoices as PDF or e-mail directly from AutoPilot. Link to your accounting system to avoid double-work.

AutoPilot provides the necessary tools for you to invoice as soon as the right to invoice occurs. The system will instantaneously collect submitted hours on a project, attach the hours to the invoice, and notify you that there are hours ready for invoicing. If you work with fee schedules, you can create schedules with the agreed upon fee. Once a schedule is matured and ready for invoicing, AutoPilot will notify you.

Method of invoicing

  • Fee Schedule

    You invoice the client, on the basis of the agreed upon fee schedule.

  • Time Charge

    You invoice the client based on the work you have done. The basis is your hourly rate. This can be with or without a cap.

  • % Completed

    You invoice the client based on the percentage of project completion.

Sending the invoice to the client

  • E-mail

    Send the invoice directly to the client’s e-mail address.

  • PDF

    You can print the PDF and send via standard post.

  • EAN

    You can send invoices directly to public coorporations through EAN numbers.

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