Planning the projects gives the project leaders knowhow of the project process. It gives insight into the project status, which gives foundation to make informed decisions based on data, rather than making decisions based on gut feeling. This could for instance be when a project leader enquires about additional fee. Project data can ease this conversation, as the project leader will have concrete justification for their enquiry. Planning your projects will give project leaders tangible data, for making educated decisions.

Plan the projects on multiple levels


AutoPilot is fully equipped to work with the RIBA stage framework, that you are used to. This lets you to plan your project according to a particular RIBA stage, so you know the estimate and actual amount of fee and hours spent on each stage.


You can plan your projects on 4 levels: project, work package, activities/stage, or employee. Start by planning in broad terms, and as the project progresses, make it more specific to achieve the best ETC.


If you know precisely when hours will be spent, you can plan the hours on specific months or weeks. If you don’t know the precise month or week,  you can plan a general timeframe, and then, once known, you can move the plan to fit the timeframe.


If you are unsure which specific employee should carry out the work, you can plan hours on a budget employee. This lets you progress with the planning, without allocating hours to the wrong employee. Once you know which employee should carry out the work, you can easily move the hours from the budget employee, to the specific one.

The planning interface is updated in real-time and is completed integrated with all parts of AutoPilot. This makes the plan reliable and always updated. You can easily unfold the project overview, to plan on a specific level. In the example below, planning is carried out on employee level. When you enter hours on a level, the project economy will automatically show the current ETC, according to the new plan you are carrying out. If you exceed the allocated fee, an early warning will automatically occur, indicating that you are planning more work, than the amount of fee you have available. And this is what gives you the ability to take action when necessary.

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