Daily hour submissions

Daily hour submissions are a prerequisite for running a profitable practice. That is what 20+ years of experience has taught us.

Hours are fundamental for AutoPilot

Timely and accurate hour registrations lets you know the precise amount of hours and fee spent on projects so far. Knowing the precise status is the ideal foundation for planning the future and this is what lets you manage your projects. 

  • You can easily create and revise Estimates to Complete (ETC) on a regular basis
  • You get an up-to-date financial prognosis of all projects
  • Your bargaining power and negotiation capabilities increases (internally and externally) 
  • You get an ideal basis to make informed decisions 

We suggest that hours should be submitted on a daily basis. This is firstly because people typically tend to forget what they did last Tuesday. And secondly, if a project status is determined by 3 week old hour submissions, the project leader is unable to make informed decisions. Submitting hours on a daily basis, enables the project leader to take appropriate action in time. This is what makes them a business leader. 

User-friendly features to ease the process

The timesheet is created with the user in mind. We know that submitting hours can be time consuming and we strive to make the process easier, by eliminating unnecessasry steps. There are numerous features that ease the process.


Attach notes directly to your hour registration. These can be made mandatory by project management, depending on the needs of the project and the client. 


Add expenses directly through your timesheet. Fill in the quick form and the expense is attached to the specific hour registration. This minimizes expense mix-ups, and eases the invoicing process. 


If you’ve worked on a project which is missing on your timesheet, self-allocation is possible, if allowed by the project leader.

Updated holiday/TOIL pool

Each individual timesheet includes an integrated and updated status of remaining holiday/TOIL.

Daily balance

The balance table shows your normal working hours, the registered hours and the balance between the two. This gives a clear overview of the hours spent on a day.

Enhancing data quality

Build-in business rules and functions secure that the registered hours are complete and of the utmost quality. These include: only registering hours on ongoing stages, you cannot skip days, there are no unnecessary entries.

Anywhere and anytime

In today’s world, you are rarely in the office every single day. But this should not get in the way of submitting your hours. With AutoPilot, you are not dependent on your work computer. The AutoPilot timesheet is available through most internet browsers and directly in Android / iOS smartphone apps, which means that you can submit your hours anywhere and anytime

Web Timesheet

The web timesheet lets you submit your timesheet in most internet browsers; on any electronic device.

Smartphone App

Download the app for smartphones, so you can submit hours anywhere, anytime.

Getting into the habit

Daily hour submissions is a habit. It is a habit that you, as a practice, must implement in the organisational culture. It is a habit which cannot be purchased with any new system.

What we can assist with, however, is giving you the necessary tools to ease this new habit and cultural change. This is for instance through:

  • Automatic reminders

    Timesheet reminders are sent directly via email, after n days.

  • Submissions when on holiday

    We will submit your timesheet when you are on holiday.

  • Visual statistics of performance of hour submissions

    Visual statistics of all employees’ submission performance.

  • Anytime and anywhere

    All employees can submit hours anywhere and anytime through the web timesheet and app.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    All employees have updated insight into their holiday pool (paid/unpaid holiday, TOIL, Extra days, etc.)

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