The Danish Architectural Analysis 2020

Once again, the yearly architectural industry analysis, Dansk Brancheanalyse, has published their analyse of the financial year 2019-2020.

It is always interesting to follow the industry development, and especially to see how AutoPilot customers get on, in comparison to practices that do not use AutoPilot.

This years analysis is based on 260 architectural pratices in Denmark.

AutoPilot is expanding

There are approximatly 6,300 people working within the architectural industry in Denmark. Of these, 3,774 people use AutoPilot. This means that exactly 60% of the entire market, submit their timesheets in AutoPilot.

It’s still in the revenue

We often claim that AutoPilot makes a difference in the revenue and is visible on the bottom line; this claim isn’t completely unjustified.

The analysis shows that practices that use AutoPilot have a visibly higher revenue, in comparison to those who do not use the system. Practices with AutoPilot have a yearly revenue of 3,8 billion Danish kroner, in comparison to 2,6 billion Danish kroner for those who do not use AutoPilot.

It is also praticuarly interesting to compare with figures from last years analysis. AutoPilot customers were also well off then, with a yearly revenue of 3,4 billion Danish kroner, compared to 2,5 billion Danish kroner for those who did not. Practice who use AutoPilot have had a clear increase in revenue.

Furthermore, AutoPilot-customers’ revenue has increased 0,7% throughout the entire financial year. This is quite an increase, comparatively to other practice whose revenue has decreased 0,3 throughout the year.

The net result – meaning the outcome after taxes and various other deductions – is used to show how profitable a business if through a period of time. The net result of the analysis also clearly indicates that AutoPilot makes a difference for practices. Practices with AutoPilot have a total net result of 242 million Danish kroner, compared to practices without AutoPilot whose result is 207 million Danish kroner.

Extensive increase in contribution margin

The analysis also illustrated that practices with AutoPilot have had a 2,21% increase in contribution margin, compared to 0,7% for practices without AutoPilot.

It is precisely these type of statistics that illustrate the difference that AutoPilot can do for your bottom line and your practice.

We are exceptionally proud that our Danish clients are doing well, and that we have had a small role to play.

Source: 2020 analysis by includes 260 architectural practices in Denmark.

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